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Alles Banane

is interactive children’s theater, performed by professional artists Anna Abrams and Ina Queiß. On stage, among the audience and even above the spectators’ heads, the two present a show full of entertainment, fun and daring artistry.

Length: 30 minutes (plus optional walkact)

The show can either begin as a walk act between the audience or advance towards the stage from a local scenery of your choice.

Miss Ina guides her monkey Chico, played by Anna, through the audience.

Throughout the act, Chico constantly comes up with silly ideas and pranks. For example, he puts on strangers’ sunglasses, steals apples or bananas, imitates adults…and does whatever comes to his mind. After all, a monkey always has fun in store. Ina on the other hand, tries to tame the animal, scolds him and wants to teach Chico manners…, which does not work. The children, of course, support Chico, who ensures with his charm and wit that the audience is thoroughly engaged.

(The length of this interactive part of the show is very flexible and can be adapted)

After his long journey to the stage, Chico needs a refreshment. Like all monkeys, Chico loves bananas. However, he has to earn it first. His hunt for the banana turns into a fast-paced show on the rope right above the heads of the audience. By the end of various artistic capers, a metamorphosis has taken place. Ina and Chico have transformed into two radiant artists in beautiful costumes, presenting graceful artistry on the rope accompanied by classical music. A grand finale!